Lamborghini Gallardo Special Edition, Last ?

Gallardo Special Edition – Lamborghini tries to actually kick the habit of making special-edition Gallardos. Other then first, one last special edition Gallardo. ( The very last one, we swear. ) If you do in fact stopped by carbuzz yesterday, you could have noticed a report concerning the next-generation Lamborghini Gallardo. The italian automaker, it looks, has grown tired as to the endless stream of special editions and model variants as to the Gallardo. And thus it’s committed to actually keeping it down to actually a blank minimum regarding the next-generation mid-engined v10 supercar. Though not before it provides the current Gallardo one last hurrah… With ( you guessed it ) another special edition.

In keeping with Lamborghini of america chief operating officer michael lock, the very last Gallardo units will just be offered currently being a special edition that features a rear-wheel-drive system and, most importantly, a manual gearbox.

In keeping with lock, this will just be a stripped-down, manual-transmission Gallardo send-off edition. After that, Lamborghini can focus upon the supercar’s successor, a model that could have to actually preserve Lamborghini’s heritage of outrageous styling.

With only one year just before the Gallardo will just be officially place to actually rest, Lamborghini chose to provide one final update. The revised model was unveiled with the 2012 paris auto show and features an updated exterior look, improved interior, other then no changes beneath the hood.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is powered by a 5. 2-liter v-10 dohc engine that rips off 552 horsepower at 8, 000 rpm and 398 pound-feet of torque at 6, 500 rpm. It sprints from zero to actually 60 mph in simply 3. 7 seconds and up to actually a prime speed of 201. 9 mph.