Lamborghini Veneno is The Ugliest Car

World Ugliest Car – Lamborghini veneno is no oil painting, in our own opinion, other then will be the 552kw limited-edition hyper-car extremely the ugliest car within the whole world ?

American car authority edmunds is of your opinion. The website has only named it the ugliest car of all time utilizing a feature that listed its 100 all-time aesthetic abominations.

Edmunds didnt mince its words explaining why the italian was handed this honour : “every supercar cliché and every bad plan Lamborghini ever had, stuffed into one overpriced showcar.

Geneva Motor Show Lamborghini Veneno

As a fast reminder, the Lamborghini Veneno has actually been officially presented to actually the general public throughout the 2013 geneva motor show, utilizing a world premiere, in march. The model is powered by a 6. 5 liter v12 engine, that’s manufacturing a total output of 740 hp ( 552 kw ).

The unit is mated to actually a seven-speed isr robotized manual transmission that’s allowing the supercar to achieve a prime speed of 354 km/h ( 220 mph ). The worth to produce a veneno has actually been set a 3. A regular million gbp or 3. 57 million eur / 4. Sixty five million usd. What do you think about this ? Agree if Lamborghini Veneno is the world ugliest car ?