2013 Toyota Corolla XLI Price

That will never going from fashion. The instant this car rolls by the road, it spells nothing lower than extraordinary design, elegance, beauty and comfort. Other then, toyota is in no mood of letting things settle here. Another big combo blow out to the competitors with this car is its availability in a brand new color, deep blue metallic. Previous model toyota corolla xli 2012 was just offered in white and black colours, other then currently, with new colours adding out to its shade card, it is anticipated out to create a lot of sales then before.

The demand of luxury cars in pakistan is increasing day-after-day, creating car manufacturers suppose of a lot of ways out to entertain and retain customer loyalty. One smart feature that goes as an enormous amendment from previous years will be the delivery of cars right direct from showroom. This is often out to create positive that for instances when you are doing fall for with the corolla, you are doing not have out to expect it. All of you have out to do is out to pay the worth and of course the new toyota corolla xli in deep blue metallic body colours does this apply to you out to drive home.

Toyota Corolla XLi 2013


Toyota corolla 2012 xli was possibly the most selling car in pakistan until the launch with this newer model. It must a few lesser features as compared out to corolla gli such as the absence of power windows and abs brakes. All different specifications like body design, inner cabin capability, back trunk storage capability, seats etc are identical.

Other then according out to several buyers abs brakes has also been given huge weight age in his or her call criteria. Previously the major distinction between xli and gli was on your power windows.

XLi 2013 Price in Pakistan:

Corolla XLI PKR. 1,534,000/-